Monday, June 19, 2017

Name that song

I clicked to put on one of my favorite youtube channels while in the shower ... the Piano Guys.  Their music is amazing, but their concerts are phenomenal! We have tickets to go and see them for the 3rd time in December.  I don't know if I can wait that long!

It's amazing how music can bring meaning to the present or remind us of the past.  It is so powerful.  Music has been a vital part in my family since I was born, my grandpa a composer and choir director, my Dad in musical theater/accepted to the Fabulous Phoenicians/and sang in the So Cal Mormon Tab choir.  My mom was also very musical.  Needless to say, I was exposed to all kinds of music throughout my life and dabbled in choirs myself.  It reaches into my soul like nothing else can.

Well, yesterday marked the 2 week mark of being off meds.  Up until then, no symptoms.  It's been awesome.  Yesterday however I woke up with my body thinking it was a robot (no, not the cool robot like I saw on AGT this week) and today I had jelly fish legs and arms to match as I tried to hold the blow dryer up long enough to get my hair dry. Of course I wondered if this was a fleeting thing or return to a previous norm.  It took me hours to get my butt down to the gym, but I finally made it.  I tried not to think or worry about it.  I know that worrying won't change anything except make things worse, so I just tried to concentrate on the music.

Well, the following song came on.  It totally brought me back to a time where I first heard it.  It was at the Piano Guys concert.  They were actually filming it for their upcoming video. It means more than usual because I was in the audience (I'm the one holding the cell phone :).  I had just been released from the hospital and this concert was one of my first outings.  This song is full of hope and reminded me that no matter what lies ahead, "Things are gonna be okay".  My reality isn't the future. I have no real idea what the future holds.  My reality is the now, and for now I'm getting ready to spend a wonderful evening with my daughter and her boyfriend.  It's going to be better than okay!  Thank you music for always being there to teach me and remind me of the important things in life. #lovethePianoGuys

Feel free to post songs/videos that motivate you

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